Who We Are

#Think32 are made up of a group of people from diverse backgrounds across the community North and South. We feel political affiliation, religious belief, sexual identity or ethnic background are irrelevant to the discussion and debate we wish to initiate as to the future shape of this island.

Everyone, regardless of background is welcome (and indeed encouraged) to join this debate. We ask only that those who join in on our various social media platforms, or using our hashtag, do so in a respectful and non-abusive manner and refrain from the use of foul language, otherwise feel free to be as passionate in defense of your argument as you like!

We make no apology for being an openly and strongly pro united Ireland grouping and are also resoundingly anti Brexit. We believe a new Ireland, that promotes the following, is entirely achievable:

  • Free health care for all
  • Free education, accessible to all.
  • Strong equality legislation.
  • Agricultural diversity.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Infrastructure that connects all corners of the island.
  • Sound economic and industrial policies for future growth and prosperity.
  • Special protection for children, aged, disabled and the sick.
  • Eradicate the curse of homelessness.
  • Complete separation of church(es) and state, however, freedom to worship should be guaranteed.

We believe that continued partition and the looming crisis of Brexit are having, and will have, a huge negative impact on the future of this island and its people. We believe that a truly unified Ireland within the EU is in all our interests.

So, join us then in debating and shaping the future, the discussion can also be followed and engaged with on any of our social media platforms listed below.

See you there!